3 Creative Uses for Custom Vinyl Lettering

Custom Vinyl lettering can be used nearly anywhere with a smooth surface, and it functions well as sign material. You’ll often see it used on windows, to display a business’s address in large, bold letters, or you may see it on walls or vehicles, displaying company logos or hours of operation.

You may even see it on a business’s doors, offering instructions, like “Please Enter at Front Desk,” with an arrow pointing in the desired direction. If you’d like to invest in some custom vinyl lettering for a project of your own, but aren’t sure in what way you can use it, here are three creative uses for it.

  1. Outdoor Signage

Picture walking up to an office or retail building, or even a restaurant, and searching for the building’s hours. It’s on the door, in custom vinyl lettering, that you would generally expect to see the “Store Hours” sign, followed by something like: Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Just as you expect to see that information printed in such a fashion, your customers are going to be looking for that as well.While using vinyl lettering in this way isn’t new territory, you can find creative ways to make it yours while still offering useful information in this simple, clean and professional manner. Adding your logo, business slogan or a few fancy lines that align with your brand can make it stand out in a more creative way. You’ll also notice that most of this signage is in plain white or black coloring when you come across it on a door or window. Get creative by including your brand colors in the design, or by using a special font!

  1. Vehicle Signage

Custom vinyl lettering can be used outdoors, where it is exposed to the elements, and can be expected to last about eight years before becoming faded and old. This makes it perfect for decking out your company vehicles. When you’re driving through town, you probably see utility vans for florists and home services with phone numbers, logos and company slogans sported on the sides and backs of the vehicles. They’re more noticeable than the other cars on the road, and just may have something on them that sticks out to you and makes you remember them. The same can be done for your own purposes.If your business uses cars, trucks or vans in order to complete services, or if you just want your regular company cars to pull some extra attention, this can be a great use for custom vinyl lettering. Make sure the font and pattern that you use is eye-catching and you just might get an extra service call or two.

  1. Walls, Floors and Conference Rooms

If you want to get really creative with it, vinyl lettering has been known to be used in lots of other places as well. If your office building is primarily white or gray with long hallways and plain walls, you could print vinyl lettering to stick to the walls by way of inspirational quotes, interesting facts or slogans. Some businesses print logos and lettering to put onto smooth floors or along the walls of a windowed conference room. You can always use custom vinyl lettering to add a little spark of personality and life to otherwise plain, undercoated areas of the office.

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