4 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Business Cards

Has your business expanded since your last set of business cards? Did you recently change addresses? It’s easy to forget about one of your most important marketing materials—the business card. Learn the telltale signs that it’s time to upgrade your business cards this spring.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Business Cards?

  1. They Look Worse for Wear: While nobody wants to waste an investment that they made by trashing it before it has been used, business cards that are damaged or falling apart make a terrible impression. Your business cards represent who you are as a professional. Even if they have the right phone number and proper branding, dog-eared and dirty business cards show you don’t care about the details.
  2. Your Details Have Changed: A change of information is one of the biggest reasons to upgrade your business cards. Grab one of your business cards now and check through the following to make sure that everything is up to date: name, business name, email address, phone number, your title or industry, website URL, your current logo, proper branded colors and font and a call to action. If any of the above have changed, you need to invest in new marketing collateral.
  3. The Cards Aren’t Effective: Do you ever hear from the people that you hand out your business cards to? While they aren’t necessarily going to have a high conversion rate, you should regularly have a follow-up with a small fraction of the people you hand your cards out to. If they aren’t eliciting the reaction that you want and are getting tossed in the trash right away, you should upgrade your business cards to something more memorable. The right, professionally-designed card will connect your personality with your branding and identity so that interested people are excited to reach out and connect.
  4. They’re Indistinguishable: Be honest—can you tell the difference between your business cards and the stack of other cards on your desk? The right business card is something instantly recognizable. Whether it’s a premium paperweight, an interesting design or a clever method of branding, your business deserves a card that is just as unique as you.

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