5 Business Card Mistakes You Might Be Making

Your business card is the first impression that you make, so why would you want it to be anything less than perfect? Working with a professional design and printing company like Victory Print and Design can help you to avoid the most common business card mistakes.

5 Common Business Card Mistakes

  1. Leaving Out Contact Information

The whole point of business cards is to quickly and easily hand out your contact information to a customer, potential partner or client. If you have gorgeous business cards but they don’t show your phone number, how is someone supposed to get in touch with you? Always include your vital contact information, including your:

  • Business name
  • Personal Name
  • Job Title
  • Website
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Social Media Handles
  1. Displaying Outdated Information

Leaving out contact information is one of the most common business card mistakes, but leaving in outdated contact information is just as bad. Make sure that the website, phone number and email address on your business cards are all accurate.

  1. Typos

Even though mistakes happen, having a typo visible on your business card is a sign that you don’t mind putting the wrong foot forward or that you lack attention to detail. Customers and potential customers expect you to be attentive to detail, and images that are pixelated or obvious typos can all be caught by a professional design and printing company like Victory Print & Design.

  1. Small Print

Nobody is carrying around a magnifying glass just to read your business cards! Choose fonts that are easy to read and stay away from shrinking your font size just to fit more on your card. We have numerous templates and designs that ensure high readability while still putting everything necessary on your business card.

  1. No Branding

Business cards are the perfect place to incorporate your company colors, logo and design aesthetic. Use them as a chance to get your name in front of new people by incorporating your branding. We can help integrate who you are with the perfect business card.

Avoid Business Card Mistakes with Victory Print and Design

Victory Print and Design is Denver’s source for professionally designed and printed marketing collateral. From business cards to promotional items and printing services, we can meet a wide range of your printing and design needs. To learn more about our packages or other services, contact us today by calling

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