5 Reasons Why Printed Signs Work for Small Businesses

How many businesses do you drive and walk by on an average day? You might be surprised to learn that you are probably driving and walking by far more businesses than you realize because some of them have inadequate signage!

Printed signs are one of the most cost-effective and high-impact ways to reach people inside and outside of your business. Why are printed signs so powerful for small businesses like yours?

5 Reasons Printed Signs Work for Small Businesses

  1. Location, Location, Location: Why did you choose your current site for your business? The answer is probably location! Printed signs help draw attention to your location and guide customers who are searching for your business. Even if you don’t operate in an area with a great deal of foot traffic, signs can also attract the attention of those driving by in cars.
  2. Customers Expect Them: One survey by FedEx found that a whopping 60% of customers said that the absence of signs will prevent them from going into a business. Beyond wanting to entice people to enter, printed signs help to cement you as a legitimate business and show customers that you are welcoming and interested in their business.
  3. Branding: You work hard to have great branding that complements what you do and who you are. Printed signs are also an awesome tool for furthering your branding and cementing your brand and business name in the minds of everyone passing by. Printed stands also help to elevate your brand and look much more professional that a damaged or smudged signboard.
  4. Compete: Even if the businesses around you don’t seem to be very closely related to you, there is always competition lurking around the corner. Printed signs help to fight for your share of business from local customers and ensure that your visibility remains as high as possible.
  5. Online-Offline Connections: Do you do the majority of your business online? Why not connect your physical location to your online presence with great signage? Add your URL to your printed signage or include your Instagram handle to encourage in-person customers to also become online customers.

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