5 Summer Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

While there are plenty of creative ways to market your small business throughout the year, summer presents plenty of opportunities to get your name out there. At Victory Print and Design, we work with tons of small business owners to make awesome summer marketing ideas a reality and supply them with the marketing collateral and promotional items that they need.

5 Summer Marketing Ideas

  1. Throw a summer solstice party. Summer is one of the most exciting times of the year, as the days get longer, and the weather warms up. The first day of summer is a great time to throw a party at your business or have a special event for customers and clients. Offer free bites and sips, a summer-themed photobooth or even have an inflatable pool filled with cool summer promo products.
  2. Offer cold beverages to anyone stopping by your retail location in the summer on the weekend or as part of another sale. A drink dispenser with water or branded bottles of water can be awesome ways to engage potential customers, get more foot traffic in your location and increase sales.
  3. Run an Instagram giveaway! Purchase some summer-themed promotional products like beach balls or pool floats and challenge your followers to complete an activity, tag your account and use your company hashtag for a chance at winning a free promo product.
  4. Give your customers and clients some shade with a free pair of branded sunglasses! Whether you have a website or a brick and mortar business, send out fun, branded sunglasses to your clients for a summer-themed gift that is also practical. When you offer a gift that is wearable, you might be surprised how much a reminder of your company becomes part of the recipient’s daily routine.
  5. Run a “hot” or “cold” deal. Look at the historic temperature data for your area and choose a day that often has unpredictable weather. If June means 65 degrees where you are, offer a temperature- specific promotion for days where it reaches over 75 degrees. If you have a website, you can use this summer marketing idea as well!

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