6 ways to make your brochures a sales winner

How can you make your brochures more powerful and effective?

If you’re planning to create a brochure to boost up sales or to announce a new product or service, you have come to the right place. Here you will find essential tips in order for you to design effective brochures.

1. Make your brochure really stand out

  • What really defines the difference between a good brochure and a great brochure is comprised in the design tips below. Use them to create and improve the sales literature for your audience.

2. Know your purpose before you start

  • Sales winner brochures
  • Define what it is you’re trying to achieve. Make sure you understand your customers. Ask yourself why would they want to buy your product or service? Determine what’s in for them: the most important thing it can do for them and the most important problem your product or service can solve for them.

3. Plan your brochure for AIDA

  • AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This means that your brochure should get attention, keep the prospect interested enough to read further, raise their desire for the product or service, and get them to take a specific action such as buy now, call and make an appointment or return a post card.
  • We recommend using benefits-oriented headlines inside your brochure. Because once you’ve gotten the brochure recipient to open it, the next thing they’ll do is skim the headlines inside the brochure. Use these inside headlines to hold their attention, and move them through the copy.

4. Limit your fonts and keep what it works

  • You have 5 seconds to wake up the reader’s curiosity over the brochure and have them decide whether or not to read it. If your headline or graphics on the cover of your brochure are boring or over saturated with lots of weird fonts and images, few recipients will bother opening it. So, reduce the font usage, keep it simple, straightforward and readable: just a heading, subheading and body copy font.
  • Don’t try to be wacky or different just to get noticed. We recommend fonts like Century Schoolbook, Century Expanded, Georgia, Palatino. These are highly legible fonts that reflect the tone of the information you are trying to convey.

5. Use imagery wisely

  • Brochures printed at full color
  • Make your brochure pleasurable to read through good images and photos. If you’re using stock imagery try to find pictures that don’t look like they are stock images. Never cut corners with images. And limit the photo usage. Customers care about whether or not your products meet their needs. Don’t waste space you should use to sell your products and persuade or convince customers to buy now.

6. Focus on the benefits

  • Your customers and prospects are interested in themselves or their own businesses. To get their attention, your brochure definitively needs to focus on the benefits they will enjoy by making a purchase from you. To achieve this use bullet points to focus on the key features of your product or service. Nowadays people are pressed for time and have many ads trying to catch their attention. Consequently, they tend to skim quickly through the copy. Feature-rich bullet points will help keep them focused on what you offer and lead them towards the action you want them to take next. Basically, remember to always put readers first and keep the end purpose in mind.
  • And last but not least, make it easy to respond. Be sure your business name, phone number, and website URL are easily found in the brochure. Add your social media business page and QR codes that take people to your product page.

Design for the customer, not for yourself

Make sure you get what you are looking for. All over Denver, you’ll always have lots of options to choose from in a variety of sizes and materials, including some at very affordable prices. So stay talked and make the best decisions on your next business brochure

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